Semi Permanent Eyebrows

best for

Best For


Thin, sparse or non-existent eyebrows

From 'barely there' to a more defined brow.




2.5 hours

recovery time

Recovery Time

14 days minimal aftercare


Comfort Level

numbing cream used



From £250.00



LED Neoelegance light healing £35.00

Semi permanent eyebrows have taken the beauty industry by storm in the last few years.  This treatment is popular with celebrities the world over and with good reason.

I always  notice eyebrows, in fact I'd say I am a little obsessed with them!  I'm not talking about perfect symmetrical 'fashion' brows, but the ones that naturally frame the eyes and open up the face.

Mother nature isn't exactly kind to us (in my opinion).  We are not symmetrical beings and therefore very few of us have symmetrical faces. I believe your eyebrows should enhance your features and flatter your face, I do not believe they should be the first thing someone sees as you walk towards them!

I create bespoke brows to suit each individual client.  I don't have a 'signature' brow because I don't have a signature client. My clients range from 30 - 75, so I have a lot of experience working with different skin types and creating flattering brows for many women.

Arrow square

Are semi permanent eyebrows right for me?

My clients choose to have semi permanent eyebrows for a number of reasons, below I have detailed a few;

  • Short brows / no tails, this is common in those with thyroid disorders
  • Thin sparse brows, this can be due to post chemotherapy or medical conditions.
  • Over plucked brows. This is very common!
  • Asymmetrical brows - this is most of us, as brows are very rarely symmetrical.
  • Alopecia
  • Trichotillomania
  • Scarring through the eyebrows.

I use a number of different advanced techniques, which allows me to create brows that are suitable for different ages, skin types and styles.  I offer a free consultation where we go through the treatment and options available to you.

Please be aware that I don't offer 'fashion' makeup, so if you are looking for bold over sized eyebrows that are currently en trend, then I am afraid I am not the Technician for you.   I believe in future proofing my treatments, so I will only carry out treatments that I am confident will wear well over time.

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