Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent eyebrows are undoubtedly the best known cosmetic tattooing treatment around.   Celebrities the world over have been having this treatment for years, with the beautiful Dame Helen Mirren showing how natural this treatment can be.

I have a general rule with eyebrows - and it's this;  Have the brows you'd have on the beach, with no makeup on - natural and in keeping with  day to day wear.    If you have your 'made up' brows tattooed, then all anyone will see in the makeup-less moments is BROWS BROWS BROWS!   There's a fine balance and I like to think I know where that is!

So with that in mind, it seems the right time to say that I don't offer 'fashion' makeup of any kind. I believe in future proofing my treatments, ensuring they will look good in the long term and can be adapted as the years slip by (and gravity isn't so kind!).

 I'm a strong believer that your eyebrows should enhance your features and flatter your face, I don't believe they should be the first thing someone sees when they set eyes on you!

Your bespoke  Eyebrows

I have treated many clients, all with different features, skin types, ages and requirements. We work together to create brows that will be perfect for you.  I carefully balance your brows, taking into account your face shape, symmetry and skin tone  - I'll even analyse your facial expressions!

It's also really important to understand that our eyebrows are supposed to be sisters not twins!  Our faces are not symmetrical, we ALL have one eye bigger than the other, a round and a flat side to our heads and one brow bone that site higher than the other.  All this BEFORE we even look at what your face does when you're in expression and animated!  Everything is taken into account as we discuss and agree your gorgeous new brows, so please rest assured - they will be absolutely perfect for YOU!

If you'd like to know more about this treatment, then please get in touch and book a FREE consultation.  If you click HERE you will go straight through to the contact page.

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