Scar Treatment

Micro needling is a fantastic treatment for scars, burns and stretchmarks.  I always refer to this treatment as being 'a little bit of magic', because it reminds me of how incredible the human body is!

Most of us have some form of scarring and for many, it can be a source of anxiety or stress.  I personally have a large scar on my head from an accident as a child, together with extensive scarring to my knee following multiple surgeries.   As a result, it's affected how I've worn my hair and the clothes I wear. So I can fully empathise with the mental and emotional impact scarring can have.  Since treating my own scars with micro needling a few years ago,  I was confident enough to wear shorts and skirts again for the first time in years and you may even catch me with my hair up now too!

I have treated clients that have scarring for many reasons.  From accidents and surgery, through to severe burns, self harm scars and stretchmarks.

Whilst this isn’t a scar removal treatment (no such thing exists unfortunately), it can be very effective at improving scarring.

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What happens after a treatment?

  • Old scar tissue is broken down.
  • Fresh collagen and elastin are produced, helping to improve the quality of the skin.
  • Melanin production is triggered, which helps the skin regain natural skin tone.
  • Raised scars start to flatten out.
  • Sunken scars start to level out.
  • Tight scars relax and become less restricted.
  • Scars look less obvious and are not as noticeable.

I can't offer a guarantee as to the exact results, as essentially I am triggering your body's natural healing response. I always tell client that I have typically seen a 40-70% improvement in scars and burns, but everyone is individual.

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What is Micro Needling?

I carry out the treatment using a specialist medical tattooing machine.  It is often referred to as  dry needling or dry tattooing, as no pigment or product is used. I use a specialised needle to work into the surface layers of the skin, just enough to cause a minor controlled trauma and stimulate blood flow and plasma to the area. The process causes minute punctures, which creates channels that trigger the body to produce collagen, melanin and elastin, in order to fill the wound, thereby promoting healing.

Please don't be put off by the term 'trauma'! This is a very controlled specific type of trauma that is caused at a level in the skin that promotes your natural healing.  I will happily go into a full geeky explanation with you on the telephone or at a consultation if you like!

This is a testimonial from one of my clients, who had 3 micro needling treatments following cosmetic surgery.

"I found Nikki online, I was looking for help with scarring after a breast reduction / lift & tummy tuck, and from the moment of Nikki getting back in touch after my e-mail, felt confident I was finally going to get the help I needed, Nikki has been respectful at all times and I felt completely comfortable with her even under the sensitive circumstances. treatments took place in a clean and very private room and was comfortable at all times, the results are great!! I feel MUCH happier & more confident now that the scarring has been drastically reduced, I am so glad I chose this course of treatments rather than scar revision.

Nikki is a lovely friendly person, who has helped me feel better about myself, her advice along the way has been great, I would definitely recommend trying Nikki's treatment before any revision surgery" Angie

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