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best for

Best For

* Anti-Ageing.  

* Targeting lines and wrinkles.

* Boosts collagen production.



From 45 minutes

recovery time

Recovery Time

Minimal downtime.


Comfort Level

Very comfortable. Minor discomfort with metal needle.



From £89.00



Dermaplaning £40.00

LED Light Therapy £35.00

Collagen Mask £30.00

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Anti-Ageing Facials - BOOK TODAY!

My Anti-Ageing Facials are, if I do say so myself, FABULOUS!  I've never been one for a facial - but this is SO MUCH MORE than a facial!  It is the only treatment I do on my own skin and honestly, I'm hooked.  As is everyone that has ever had a treatment with me, so please bear that in mind....

The secret to my anti-ageing facials is Mesotherapy Skin Rejuvenation.

What is Mesotherapy Skin Rejuvenation?

This is a non-injectable form of mesotherapy, where specialist high quality products are pushed into the deeper layers of the skin, where they can be more effective. This treatment is carried out using either a plastic needle configuration, or a metal needle configuration, depending on your skin type and treatment goals.

For fine lines and wrinkles I tend to recommend the plastic needle (gentler), but if you really want to boost your collagen levels and work on deeper lines and wrinkles, or acne scarring - then metal is for you.  We will talk through your goals at a consultation so we can decide what's best for you.

I use the Cell Biologique skin care range during the treatment. The results combining the mesotherapy with the home skin care plan are proving some truly excellent results. Cell Biologique is a clinic range that is exceptional. I have tried many products over the years, usually falling back to my old faithful Elemis. Then I discovered Cell Biologique, which I have been using Cell Bio for over 3 years now and I adore it.  I'll admit, I tried Elemis again about a  year ago (just well, 'because') and I didn't even use up my products before I came back to Cell Bio.  My other half even uses the eye cream (but don't tell him I told you that!).

This advanced anti-ageing facial treatment is fabulous for helping products penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, whilst also promoting your skins natural collagen production. Collagen is responsible for that lovely plump soft look in the skin....sadly our own collagen production slows down from the age of 23-26

What is Advanced Mesotherapy and how does it work?

This is an advanced skin rejuvenation treatment that incorporates the meso needling technique with the cleanse/tone, mask experience that you'd typically expect during a facial. However, this facial system is not to be underestimated.

MY FAVOURITE THING about this treatment is that, not only do the products work much much better and deeper in the skin, it also stimulates natural collagen and elastin production in your skin - basically getting your skin to do what it did in your youth . Magic!

Substances such as vitamins, hyaluronic acid (don't panic about the word 'acid' - it's a substance that is present in our skin naturally and is critical for cell rejuvenation) cannot permeate through the epidermal layer (outer layer) due to the limited space between epidermal cells. Injecting or perforation of the epidermis is the only effective method of introducing these substances to the dermis where they are most effective.

The Advanced Mesotherapy treatment is extremely versatile and treatments can be offered for several areas:

  • The face
  • The neck
  • The decolletage
  • Backs of hands
  • Acne scarring
  • Stretchmarks
  • Scars and burns

Anti-Ageing Facials - BOOK TODAY!

Typically a course of 8 treatments are recommended, but please get in touch to discuss your requirements.  Click HERE for prices or click on the BOOK NOW button to book your treatment today.

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