New Booking & Support System

New Booking & Support System

I’m delighted to announce that I have a new booking & support system in place, with immediate effect.

Introducing my new PA – Jill

Jill McLachlan - PA
Jill McLachlan – PA

I would like you all to give a very warm welcome to my lovely PA, Jill. Jill will be looking after me (long over due!) and all of you lovely lot.  As part of my new booking & support system, Jill will be looking after my online enquiries, emails, telephone calls and bookings.    Not only will this make my life so much easier, it will also mean that you aren’t waiting for a call back from me when I’m in treatments.

Jill has a wealth of experience as a PA and is super lovely.  I have known Jill for a couple of years, so I know how super efficient and wonderful she is!

What is the new booking & support system?

As part of my new booking & support system, I’ve set up a devoted email address and telephone number, which Jill and her team will be supporting Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm ;

Booking & Enquiries: 0333 055 0465


Jill has full access to my diary, so will be able to book you in straight away*.  Not all of my treatments are available to book online and not all available appointments are on the online booking system, so if you can’t find a suitable day/time – then give Jill a call!

* Please be aware that you will need a consultation before booking in for tattooing and scar treatments, as these require a patch test and price is on assessment for scalp tattooing and scar treatments.   Consultations can be arranged via telephone, with patch tests sent in the post.  You will need to have had a Consultation before Jill can book you in for tattooing or scar treatments. 

If you send an email via the website, it will automatically go through to Jill.  She’ll then be in touch with you to arrange a telephone or face to face consultation.  If you would initially like to have a chat about a treatment, then Jill will let me know and I will be in touch with you.

If you would like some advice or have a question regarding treatments, you can of course still contact me directly.  You can email me at or by phone on 07879998080.  I have put this extra support in place as I often don’t have the opportunity to get back to you until the end of the day/following day. So if you ARE ready to book in for either a consultation or a treatment, then Jill will able to help you with this.

Kindest x




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