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Medical & Cosmetic Tattooing services

Medical & Cosmetic Tattoo Treatments provide incredible results and play a significant part in restoring my clients confidence.

There are four main area's of Medical Tattooing, which I will explain in more detail below. (Click on the headings to find out more information about each treatment)

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is a highly specialist form of medical tattooing and provides a long term solution to hair loss for men and women.

This treatment involves tattooing thousands of micro dots onto the scalp, which replicate your own natural follicle pattern.  It is more commonly known for the 'buzz cut', shaved head look for men.  However, this treatment is an excellent solution for density treatments in both women and men, giving the illusion of thicker and fuller hair.

Micro Needling

So many of us have scarring as a result of accidents or surgery and these can really affect our confidence (I know this from personal experience!).

Micro needling is often referred to as dry needling or dry tattooing.  It is a very effective way of improving the look and feel of scar tissue. It can be used to treat burns, scars and also stretch marks.

I think this treatment is a little bit of magic! It can really make such a difference and I love seeing how it restores my clients confidence.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Semi-permanent eyebrows are a fantastic treatment for women that have thin, sparse or non-existent eyebrows.

It is true that eyebrows really do frame the eyes and lift the face.  I'm often told by many of my clients that they feel 10 years younger!   I create a bespoke natural eyebrow that is perfect for you, so I don't have a 'signature' brow.  We work together to ensure that your brows suit your face shape, style and features.

Nipple Tattoo & Areola Enhancement

I offer an advanced form of 3D nipple tattooing for breast cancer patients.  I am able to create a very realistic 3D nipple and areola, using the latest in areola artistry techniques.   I am BUPA registered, so please let me know if you have private medical insurance. This treatment is also suitable for clients that have had breast reduction or uplift surgery, post gender reassignment surgery or those wishing to enhance their natural areola.

NB. I do not show photographs of medical procedures online, in order to protect the privacy of my clients and patients. I do have written permission from a large number of clients so that I can share their photos at a consultation, so please do book in for a free consultation to discuss further.

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